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[Video] Winter Hike With Friends And A Dog

Hot Chocolate Hike

Canadian Joe Robinet of Bushcraft enjoys a winter hike with a couple of new friends. Joe’s dog is actually the star of the video. Nothing very special about this short video except encouraging me and my other cold northern friends to get outside more and enjoy our winter woods.

Must admit it’s been awhile since I made hot chocolate for the family while hiking during the colder months. It’ll definitely happen this weekend with the alcohol stove.

What Kind Of Boots Are Those?

In case you’re wondering, Joe is wearing Baffin Endurance boots. Nice.

Watch the quick video for a relaxing moment in the Canadian cold.



Source & Image: Joe Robinet

Earning Money During The Great Depression

We Had Everything But Money

Inspired by the book We Had Everything But Money, the Survival Mom created a list of ways folks living through the Great Depression made money.

great depression lessons

We Had Everything BUT …

Just as professors teach in marketing 101 courses today, your grandparents and great-grandparents saw what people wanted and needed. They knew folks longed for simple comforts, and eased emotional pains … during very hard times.

So, as the entrepreneurial and marketing students of their times–and needing money themselves–they gave folks what they wanted. What they needed. They provided solace and comforts.

They earned money and survived.

On PAGE 2:  The LIST Of 25 Ways

ATV Costa Rica Back Roads

Costa Rica Highlands

Black Scout Survival and friends ride ATVs through the Costa Rican highlands. That’s pretty much it.

ATV Costa Rica Back Roads

ATV In Costa Rica

Wedged between Nicaragua, Panama, the Pacific Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica is politically stable (at least for that part of the world); so ATV touring is popular and safe.

Snake Bite

Watch the video for some great views … and a story about a surfer dying from a Fer-De-Lance pit viper bite. Lesson: Don’t try to drive yourself to the hospital after being bitten by the most venomous snake in Central America.



Source & Images: BlackScoutSurvival

World’s Largest Private Apocalypse Bunker

Luxurious Living During The Apocalypse

Do you have a billion dollars in your survival budget? Maybe 2 billion? You do?! Well then, I’ve got a piece of property for you.

Deep in the Czech Republic sits a multilevel estate that offers luxurious amenities above ground … and the same plush luxury below in a high security bunker.

bunker complex

Aerial Rendering Of Oppidum

Named The Oppidum (Latin for “enclosed space”), it is being marketed to billionaires who want to maintain an opulent lifestyle, regardless of of surrounding conditions.

Here’s part of the marketing pitch:

  • A Massive Fortress
  • In An Optimal Location
  • Able To Protect Its Inhabitants From External Threats For Up To 10 Years
  • And Able To Provide Peace Of Mind As A Residence Before Disaster Strikes

12 Disasters This “Bunker” Protects You From Page 2