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Two Essential Kits Most Preppers Overlook

How Many Prep Kits Are Enough?

Many of the posts and articles on preparedness and survival sites are focused on some sort of kit:

  • bug out,
  • ready-made,
  • seasonal,
  • car,
  • water module survival,
  • survival fire,
  • navigation,
  • medical,
  • food storage,
  • pocket survival (EDC) … You get the picture.
patrol and guard duty

Home Guard Duty

Kits are good topics because they usually take an important aspect of the Law of 3’s and identify the gear/items needed to extend that “3-something” survival time.

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[Video] How To Build A Camp Intruder Alarm

Camp Perimeter Security

The two videos below detail how to build a firecracker trip wire camp security alarm. DIY trip wires are easy to assemble with just a few basic materials.

In the first video, How To Survive assembles the trip wire. In the second video, Survival Lilly builds a similar alarm … and then has a bit of fun.

camp perimeter alarm

Camp Perimeter Security

Video 1: Trip Wire Assembly

Wooden matches, a firecracker, duct tape, a striker strip and twine are all that’s needed. The assembly is straightforward: two wood matches aligned with the firecracker fuse with the striker strip from a match box as the igniter.

Watch the video below for actual assembly details.



The video on the next page shows Survival Lilly building a similar alarm at her bug out camp. She’s having more fun with the whole thing.

Survival Lilly VIDEO On Page 2

Bunker Hill Night Vision Security Camera Review

Economical Night Vision Camera

Are you looking for a low-cost but not low-quality night vision security camera?

The Survivalist Prepper does a quick video review of Bunker Hill’s Color Security Camera with Night Vision. Features:

Night Vision Security Camera

Night Vision Security Camera

  • Flat panel monitor with adjustable picture and audio
  • Video and audio out for use with second monitor or VCR
  • Infrared night vision cameras with IR illuminators
  • 360° swivel camera mounts
  • Comes with 2 pc input cable, 1 single channel output cable

VIDEO Review On Page 2

[Video] Seek Vs Therm-App Infrared Imaging Devices

You Get What You Pay For

The Canadian Prepper on Chris’ PREPAREDMIND101 YouTube channel compares two thermal imaging devices: The Seek ($250-$350) and the Therm-App ($950-$2,000).

Both attach to an Android smartphone, but the Seek is also compatible with the iPhone.

infared device


I consider these imagers to be gear “top-off” items. In other words, you already own almost everything else needed for a complete survival kit before you consider an investment in these units.

That being said, infrared imaging devices add a nifty addition to home and camp security: you can “see” in the dark.

VIDEO Review On Page 2