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12 Of The Best Phone Apps For Survival & Prep

The Smartest Smartphone Survival Apps

With all the memory and computing power of today’s smartphones, it makes sense to use them as a survival tool resource.

smartphone leaning against tree

Smartphone Prep And Survival Apps

From tying knots and emergency trauma first aid … to recognizing animal tracks and accessing topographical maps, there is an app with that information. Information you just may need to help you survive in a disaster situation.

And like all apps, they are just a download away.

On PAGE 2: The 12 Apps LIST With LINKS

[Video Review] Anker PowerPort Solar Chargers

PowerPort Solar And Solar Lite

We’re always discussing solar power alternatives for off grid emergency scenarios, or just as an everyday power source.

So many powered devices are USB rechargeable that it just makes sense to have a portable solar charger. As long as you’ve got some sunshine, you can keep these tools running.

preparedmind101 holding anker solar chatgers

Anker Solar Chargers

Today, Chris Tanner of PREPAREDMIND101 looks at Anker’s PowerPort Solar and PowerPort Solar Lite USB solar panel chargers.

VIDEO Review And Test DEMO On Page 2