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Two Essential Kits Most Preppers Overlook

How Many Prep Kits Are Enough?

Many of the posts and articles on preparedness and survival sites are focused on some sort of kit:

  • bug out,
  • ready-made,
  • seasonal,
  • car,
  • water module survival,
  • survival fire,
  • navigation,
  • medical,
  • food storage,
  • pocket survival (EDC) … You get the picture.
patrol and guard duty

Home Guard Duty

Kits are good topics because they usually take an important aspect of the Law of 3’s and identify the gear/items needed to extend that “3-something” survival time.

On The NEXT PAGE: Two Essential (But Often Forgotten) Kits

Prepping Your Car For An Emergency Escape

Prep List For Your Car

Unless you already live at your bug out location, you’re going to need a vehicle to get you and your family there … wherever or whatever there is.

serpentine road

No Excuses For Not Being Prepared

I assume you keep the vehicle you would use for this emergency response in good repair. You follow basic car maintenance timetables, and any issues are immediately resolved. Making an appointment with your mechanic when the SHTF is not a good preparedness option.

And if you’re proficient with car repairs, you have a tool kit stashed in the vehicle.

Below we list both car prep survival gear and safe travel plans … including the always important Plan B.

Enjoy and Share

Prepping your Car – Repair Kit

 … When it comes to prepping your car you should consider the following for your repair kit:

  • A spare tire
  • A tire repair kit
  • Jack and tire iron
  • Gravel, sand or kitty litter that can be used for traction on icy road spots
  • A box of extra fuses
  • Duct tape
  • Hose clamps
  • Road Flares
  • A collapsible or multi-use shovel
  • Snow brush and ice scraper
  • Floodlight
  • Windshield washer fluid
  • Oil and engine coolant (the type recommended for your vehicle)
  • Jumper cables
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Pry bar
  • Empty gas can, siphon, and funnel (you will have to scavenge for fuel at some time)

These items are a minimum for prepping your car and you should consider getting them …

Prepping your Car – Emergency Kit

Besides a repair kit, every car should have an emergency kit. The good news is that you can use your bug out bag for that. Your bug out bag should include most of the items needed for an emergency if you’ve done your homework.

Think about adding these items when prepping your car:

  • Water and food depending on the number of your family members
  • Energy bars
  • Waterproof matches
  • Hot packs
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent in summer
  • A small compact medi-kit
  • Light sticks
  • Road flares
  • Collapsible stove and fuel canister
  • Aluminum foil
  • Water filter
  • Small pan
  • Unbreakable cup or mug
  • Hand cranked radio
  • Flashlight (a hand cranked or solar rechargeable one)
  • Whistle
  • A few heavy-duty trash bags
  • Wool blankets
  • A tarp
  • A paracord
  • Rain ponchos
  • A cell phone
  • A GPS system
  • Baby supplies, if you have a young child (diapers, baby food, and so on)
  • Pet supplies
  • A few distraction items (something to keep the kids busy …)
  • Make sure to add an extra set of clothing for each family member … ( … gear that can be used for all types of weather)
  • One or more protection items of your choice (firearms, crossbow, stun gun, knife, etc.)

More Details On Page 2

[Video] 8 Keys To Surviving Anything

Staying Alive No Matter What

Can you survive regardless of what the Universe “dumps” on you? Are you physically fit to meet any survival challenge? Are you practicing basic survival skillsets? Do you own … and know how to use tools and survival gear?

In the video below, Prepared Mind 101 (Chris Tanner) discusses all the above and much more. As we all begin a new year, the topic of how we’re preparing ourselves and our families should be reviewed carefully.

What are the prep goals for the year. What weaknesses need strengthening? Is there a plan to accomplish all this?

Surviving Anything

Surviving Anything

Outline Of Your Plan

Use the eight topics as an outline for your prep and survival plans for 2016. The video will give you bigger ideas on what you should be doing … or continue to do.

VIDEO & 8 Survival Keys LIST On Page 2

[Video Review] New Escape and Evasion Training DVD

Southern Prepper1 Review Of New DVD

The folks at Survival Summit released their latest DVD today (1/5/2016). Titled “Survival Escape And Evasion”, it’s an hour and forty minute training course on how to get yourself out of captive situations … and avoid them altogether.

In the video below Southern Prepper1 does a quick review the DVD contents including:

  • Escaping illegal restraints (handcuffs, duct tape, zip ties, flex cuffs);
  • How to escape from a car trunk while handcuffed;
  • How to hide your EDC to escape illegal restraints;
  • How to lose someone who you suspect is following you;
  • Anti-tracking and counter-surveillance techniques;
  • Untraceable communications;
  • Lock picking with tools and every day items;
  • Gray man disguises that will make you virtually disappear;
  • And more.

Watch the video for the complete review. If you’re interested in more info on the DVD, there’s a link below the video.



More Info On The DVD: The link to Survival Summit Site (not an affiliate link)