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25 Survival Myths That Hurt More Than Help

Situational Skills Vs Survival Myths

There are situational skills that may save your life, if you know what you’re doing. There are also “common knowledge” reactions that may do more harm than good. The folks at list25 call them survival myths.

bears fighting

Grizzly Bear Myths
What are they? Well, survival is more than knowing what to do. Don’t be foolish and use common sense. The best way to survive a deadly scenario is to not get yourself into a deadly scenario. Survival is about prevention as well as a skill set.

This “myth list” include:

  • What to drink (think urine, cactus, alcohol)
  • What to do when impaled
  • How to use tourniquets
  • Moss and the North side
  • Doorways and earthquakes
  • Boiling water
  • Eating snow
  • “Here comes a bear!” (Well, is it black or a grizzly?)

Want the details? Watch below:



Source: list25

Image: Steppinstars

8 Survival Myths That Kill … Or Worse

Mistaking Common Myths For Survival Sense

There are many common beliefs, survival lore, that if tried will do more harm than good. Heck, if utilized, your chances of survival are severely diminished … in some cases to zero.

survival myths that do harm

Killer Myths

Now most of you realize these myths are dangerous, or least very unhelpful. But it’s always a good idea to put them out there as a reminder for folks: make sure you know before you do.

LIST Of 8 Myths On PAGE 2