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If You’re Buying A Gun, Read This First

Here’s What’s Important

The important point of this post is:  if you’re in the market for buying a gun make sure you do your research first. Better research, better buying results.

dogs and men with shotguns

Good Day With Your Shotgun

You should never, ever, let a store clerk be your sole source of gun-buying info. Go into the store prepared:

6 Gun Purchase Preparations On Page 2

[Video] Correctly Fitting A Pistol To Your Hand

Fit A Gun To Your Hand

TJack Survival demonstrates the correct way to fit a gun to your hand. First, are you holding it properly; and second, does the gun fit your hand or not?

Holding The Gun:  The barrel aligns with your forearm, bones of thumb and index finger form a “V” at back end of barrel. You can now properly absorb the impact from the discharge.

Fit Gun To Hand

Fit Gun To Hand

Does the Gun “Fit”:  You can comfortably touch the trigger with the middle of the pad of your index finger (between the first knuckle and finger end). You close your hand around the grip … the meat of your hand is flush with the handle.

Demo Video Below

The demonstration continues with 4 different Glocks. How to fit the gun properly is easy to see. Watch the video for more insights, and

Learn, Practice, and Share.



Source & Image: TJack Survival