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[Video] Safer Travel Routes After The SHTF

3 Low Profile Alternate Travel Routes

Okay. We start with the S has HTF scenario. You have to (want to) to get from here to there, wherever here and there are.

stream bed

Following A Stream

You know what you must do once you arrive at your bug out location (if that’s where you’re going), you just need to get there safely. You don’t want to attract any undue attention. You want to maintain a low profile … which means staying off the roadways.

VIDEO Describing 3 Alternate Routes On Page 2

47 Preparedness Items To Carry In Your Truck Or Car

Items To Bring When Traveling In Your Vehicle

You carry a spare tire. You own vehicle insurance. Why? Because it’s prudent (and, yes, mandatory). You want to be prepared for flats and accidents. But insurance and spares are the barest of minimums to “carry” when traveling.

overloaded van

Got Everything?

Whether you’re taking a family vacation or bugging out (or back in), you’ve must be prepared for a variety of surprise survival scenarios. Safe travel is a basic prep activity.


Safe Travel When Bugging In Or Bugging Out

Safe Travel Now, Safe Scavenge Later

During a catastrophic natural or man-ignited disaster, you have two choices: you can bug out, or you can bug in — that is, stay put.

Regardless of your choice (your plan), travel will be involved. The travel part is obvious for bugging out: you have to get from here to there.

dusk scene

Travel Or Scavenge At Night

And traveling if you bug in? Well, if it’s a long-term SHTF scenario, eventually you’ll have to travel outside to scavenge …

Safe Travel Rules DETAILED On PAGE 2