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[Video] 25 lb Tactical And Survival Loadout

Or A 3-Season Bug Out Survival Kit

Having just finished a survival training session in Kentucky, David of Ultimate Survival Tips breaks down the required tactical and survival loadout he built for the course.

tactical loadout

Dave Of Ultimate Survival Tips

Although put together for this training, the loadout would serve well in any worst-case scenario event.

Essentially, the ruck and chest rig is a three-season bug out survival kit with a strong tactical emphasis.

A Rifle, A Rucksack, And Chest Loadout Rigs

The combination of gear in his ruck and chest loadout rig includes just about everything you’d need to survive for 72 hours if bugging out … plus whole lot more.


[Video] 33 Winter Preps And Winter Survival Gear

Winter And Winter Survival Preparations

Obviously, winter preparations vary depending on your latitude. The farther North (or South in the southern hemisphere) you live, the more winter-specific preps you must consider.

winter preparedness

Winter Preps And Gear

Basically you have stay warm (core body temperature) and protect yourself from exposure. If it’s a grid down, survival situation, many of the items on this list become critical for simply getting through one more day.

The List

This list by Canadian Prepper is not meant to be comprehensive, but a good starting point. Many of the items are good to have on hand for cooler/cold weather. Other pieces of gear are for either harsh winter conditions (northern climes), or survival scenarios.


[Video] Winter Gear For Overnight Camping

Winter Overnight Camp Gear

The Canadian Joe Robinet of Joe Robinet Bushcraft empties his pack to show what he’s brought to camp overnight in the forest during winter.

winter pack

Fjallraven Friluft 55 Pack

The red backpack is a Fjallraven Friluft 55. I know they’re also available in dark gray, and that they are also hard to find: usually out of stock. His pack is not stuffed full, but he has more than he needs for a winter overnight.

Unpacking his kit you’ll see he uses a variety of pouches and dump bags. Keeps things neat and organized … easier to find.

Robinet plans a couple of additional videos showing his camp setup, and how he keeps warm throughout the night. This is just the gear video.

VIDEO And Gear LIST On Page 2

[Video] Prepping For Flu Season

You Can’t Bug Out If The Flu Bugs Are In

Don’t know about you, but when I have the flu I’m pretty worthless. I’m not any good to me nor my family. If some kind of emergency cropped up while I was very sick … well, that’s tough to plan for.

So, the plan: don’t get sick.

patriot nurse

Patriot Nurse Offers Flu Advice

 Healthy, Almost Ill, Or Fever Sick

It’s timely that The Patriot Nurse gives a short video presentation on how to prep for the flu.

Essentially, she gives preparedness/action tips for when you’re healthy, just getting ill, and in the dark depths of full-blown flu.

The VIDEO And More Details On PAGE 2