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Survival Sanitation When The SHTF

Sanitation Tips When Bugging In Or Out

There seems to be little discussion about sanitation preparedness for disaster scenarios. We talk about knives and gear, survival skill sets, food and water storage, the rule of 3’s, and self defense, ….

old desert outhouse


But when it comes to pee, crap, and trash (sorry, but it’s what we’re talking about), there’s not much dialogue. It’s going to be an issue if municipal systems break down or if you’re bugging out.

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9 Questions To Ask BEFORE He Joins Your Survival Group

Do You Let Them In?

The premise:  BOOM! It’s happened.

All your food and water, security and shelter, gear and skills preparations paid off. You, your family, and your survival group have caught their collective breath, and are settling in for the long haul. However long that “haul” might be.

survival group wannabe

Stranger At The Gates

Until … until what?

Well, if forming a survival group is a before item on your prep list, then this post is about a possible (a likely) situation after the SHTF. The situation? Someone walking up to your camp/shelter/home perimeter.

Someone who wants to join your group.

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[Video] After the Collapse: 15 Kinds Of Dangerous People

Folks Who Pose A HIGHER Than Average Risk

The Canadian Prepper discusses some high risk people, personalities, characters, and groups you may want to avoid in post-disaster scenarios when conventional law is not being enforced.

Under the right circumstances, any of us may be one of these folks.

groups who may be dangerous

Friend Or Foe?

And just because someone may potentially be a possible threat does not mean we need to avoid them altogether. We just have to have a heightened sense of awareness. We need to exercise caution if the right conditions trigger their “threat”.

In desperate times when ethics and morality become ambiguous, any individual may rationalize bad and dangerous behavior if it means protecting (providing for) themselves or their family.

And, of course, certain people will be dangerous threat regardless of the particular conditions.

LIST Of The 15 Groups And The VIDEO Details On Page 2

[Video] Mike Speaks: Last Chance For Basic Prep

 No-Holds-Barred By No Stress Mike

Here’s a man who speaks his mind.

In this video he lays out five agenda items you should do right now as basic prep. Actually, he wouldn’t say “should do” but “must do” … or don’t come whining to him and his group when SHTF.

No stress Mike

Mike’s Friendliest Face

5 Basic Prep Actions

The basic preparations to do now (if not completed already):

  1. The survival weapons you must own to protect yourself and your family,
  2. Network to develop 3-man/woman groups … and each person has skills,
  3. Network with other groups to learn additional survival skills,
  4. Introduce yourself to the local sheriff offering support,
  5. Share and brainstorm your prep and planning knowledge with others.

The In-Your-Face VIDEO And Must-Do Preps On Page 2

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