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[Video] SunDanzer Solar Freezer

From Sun To Ice Cubes

In a previous video, Engineer775 and his crew installed a 3-array off grid solar system for a homeowner client. In the video below, he talks about the SunDanzer direct current (dc) powered freezer installed in the same household.

They’re using this freezer unit to minimize the load on the inverter. The inverter coverts dc power from the batteries to alternating current (ac) for powering the rest of the home.

Essentially, this freezer uses power directly from the batteries (and charge controllers) … almost direct from the sun.


[Video] Building A 10KW Off Grid Solar System

3 Arrays And Interior Power Room

The Engineer775 crew install a 3-array off grid solar system. The arrays face SSE, South, and Southwest taking full advantage of the Sun’s sky path.

no power outages from storms

Off Grid Control Panels

The video below covers several days of work. Some of the install highlights include:

  • Installation details of the Schletter array mounts,
  • Solar panel and “combiner” installs,
  • Why they use flooded lead acid batteries instead of lithium ion (Tesla), and
  • Power room details with Magnum inverters and three synced controllers.

Quick VIDEO Of Installation On The NEXT PAGE

[Video] Should Your Solar Array Track The Sun

To Track Or Not To Track The Sun

Engineer775 of Practical Preppers has discussed solar array siting previously. In this post he answers the question, “Should you set up your solar arrays to track the sun?”.

backyard solar arrays

Stationary Solar Arrays

In the set up pictured above, there are two stationary arrays. The one on the left faces SSE at 22.5°. It’s the “morning array”. The second set up is the afternoon unit.

VIDEO And The “Quick Answer” On Page 2

Solar Array Site Evaluation

Using The Solar Pathfinder

Engineer775 of PracticalPreppers uses the Solar Pathfinder to do a site evaluation for a solar array installation.

site eval

Solar Array Site Evaluation

He plans a V-pattern array with each “wing” 30° off true South (that is, SSE and SSW). The goals:

  • Array can’t be seen from road,
  • Doesn’t want to look at the back off the panels from his home (ugly),
  • Optimal solar production, with peaks in the morning and afternoon, and
  • Exactly which trees must come down (firewood bonus!).