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Startup SHTF Communication Guide

Survival Communication Plan

You’re increasing your food stocks, you’re buying gear as your budget allows, and you’re practicing survival skills you might need to help your family survive some sort of future disaster.

But do have a survival communication plan that allows you to get and keep in touch with family and group members? A plan that includes detailed what-to-do if this or that happens? And do you have the communication gear to execute your plan?

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[Video] Building A 10KW Off Grid Solar System

3 Arrays And Interior Power Room

The Engineer775 crew install a 3-array off grid solar system. The arrays face SSE, South, and Southwest taking full advantage of the Sun’s sky path.

no power outages from storms

Off Grid Control Panels

The video below covers several days of work. Some of the install highlights include:

  • Installation details of the Schletter array mounts,
  • Solar panel and “combiner” installs,
  • Why they use flooded lead acid batteries instead of lithium ion (Tesla), and
  • Power room details with Magnum inverters and three synced controllers.

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[Video Review] Anker PowerPort Solar Chargers

PowerPort Solar And Solar Lite

We’re always discussing solar power alternatives for off grid emergency scenarios, or just as an everyday power source.

So many powered devices are USB rechargeable that it just makes sense to have a portable solar charger. As long as you’ve got some sunshine, you can keep these tools running.

preparedmind101 holding anker solar chatgers

Anker Solar Chargers

Today, Chris Tanner of PREPAREDMIND101 looks at Anker’s PowerPort Solar and PowerPort Solar Lite USB solar panel chargers.

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