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[Video] Should Your Solar Array Track The Sun

To Track Or Not To Track The Sun

Engineer775 of Practical Preppers has discussed solar array siting previously. In this post he answers the question, “Should you set up your solar arrays to track the sun?”.

backyard solar arrays

Stationary Solar Arrays

In the set up pictured above, there are two stationary arrays. The one on the left faces SSE at 22.5°. It’s the “morning array”. The second set up is the afternoon unit.

VIDEO And The “Quick Answer” On Page 2

Video Tour Of Bug Out Van

Bug Out Van Build

Nice video tour of a one-person (plus dog) bug out (and soon to be stealth) van. It’s currently a work in progress.

bugging out in van with dog

Bug Out Van On The Move

Already in place are:

  • a 5 gallon water container with pump top,
  • both a rocket and a Max Burton stove,
  • stacked drawer containers for storage,
  • a weather radio …

VIDEO Tour Of The Van On Page 2

Solar Array Site Evaluation

Using The Solar Pathfinder

Engineer775 of PracticalPreppers uses the Solar Pathfinder to do a site evaluation for a solar array installation.

site eval

Solar Array Site Evaluation

He plans a V-pattern array with each “wing” 30° off true South (that is, SSE and SSW). The goals:

  • Array can’t be seen from road,
  • Doesn’t want to look at the back off the panels from his home (ugly),
  • Optimal solar production, with peaks in the morning and afternoon, and
  • Exactly which trees must come down (firewood bonus!).


Off Grid Reality Gut Check

One Family’s Off Grid Lifestyle

An excellent view of one family’s off grid reality lifestyle. This is a close-up of deep woods prep that includes:

living off the grid

Off Grid Reality

  • the rough cut road
  • their solar power array and electrical hookups
  • power conservation
  • a pump and boosters that pull well water from 100′ away
  • temporary “make-do” setups
  • the start of the family’s septic system
  • a wood chip gasifier, and
  • fruit tree plantings.

Watch the video to get a true reality check of what off grid living means to one family. Not as romantic as some might think … but an inspiring example of what can be done.

Boots On The Ground:


Source & Images: engineer775 Practical Preppers