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[Video] How To ALWAYS Find Dry Tinder

Always Dry Tinder Secret

Well, it’s not a secret if you know where to find it. And I’m sure most of you do. But if finding dry fire-starting material during the cold and wet winter months is an issue for you, than check out Survival Lilly’s quick tip in the video.

tinder on fire

Bird Nest Fire Tinder Success

If you’ve seen any of her advanced bow drill videos, you know dry tinder is needed for the ember to ignite. Of course, dry is important regardless of how you’re starting a fire.

Alternative To Wet Winter Grasses

Survival Lilly always uses twigs as the framework for her “birds nest” tinder holder. Twigs are easy to come by any time of year; it’s the fine, dry tinder that’s difficult to gather in winter (or in torrential downpours or in rain-soaked locations).

Dry Tinder Source VIDEO Is On Page 2

[Video] Advanced Bow Drill Fire Tips

Tips For A Successful Bow Drill Fire

Many folks think the whole “bow drill thing” is a bushcraft waste of time. They’ll always have their ferro rods, fuel lighters, and stormproof matches.

Maybe so. I know I carry those other items.

tinder lit by bowdrill

Bow Drill Tips

But I also value different skill sets that provide possible life-saving and survival options. Knowing how to do something from scratch is important. And in the future  it may be very important … and your only option.

VIDEO Of Advanced Tips On Page 2

[Video] Fire For Cold And Wet Conditions

Hot And Efficient Camp Fire

Survival Lilly demonstrates how she builds her favorite type of fire when conditions are wet and cold. After gathering grasses for tinder, she batons a log for the kindling wood.

starting a fire using a cabin-box

Cabin-Box Fire Build Method

She then creates a wooden base for the fire area, insulating it from from the cold and damp ground.

Cabin-Box Fire Build

Using the kindling, she builds a cabin-like structure. After folding into a “birds nest”, she lights the grass and places it inside the “fire cabin”.

Watch the video below for additional details. For starting a fire in a soaking rain, check out this video.

And, as always, Learn, Practice, and Share.



Source & Image: Survival Lilly

[Video Update] Bic Lighter Exposure Test

One Year Later

Over one year ago, on November 11, 2014 to be exact, a black Bic Lighter was placed on the forest floor. For four full seasons the Bic was exposed to all weather and temperature extremes: rain, ice and snow … the summer heat and a frigid winter.

will the bic lighter light?

Finding The Bic One Year Later

Today, Black Owl Outdoors returns to his exposure experiment.

VIDEO Of Bic Exposure Results On Page 2

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