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Top 10 Survival Seeds For Your SHTF Garden

Calorie-Heavy Heirloom Seeds Fertilized Naturally

One of the most important aspects of prepping is a survival food source. Most folks choose the food storage option, rotating bulk stocks to keep supplies fresh.

But if you’re looking for a long-term survival solution, you must consider the garden alternative. It’s hard work with a tough learning curve if you didn’t grow up on a farm.

seeds in hands

Heirloom Seeds

However, if there’s a deep social collapse, how else will you feed your family and members of your group for months … or much longer?


[Video] Prepping For Flu Season

You Can’t Bug Out If The Flu Bugs Are In

Don’t know about you, but when I have the flu I’m pretty worthless. I’m not any good to me nor my family. If some kind of emergency cropped up while I was very sick … well, that’s tough to plan for.

So, the plan: don’t get sick.

patriot nurse

Patriot Nurse Offers Flu Advice

 Healthy, Almost Ill, Or Fever Sick

It’s timely that The Patriot Nurse gives a short video presentation on how to prep for the flu.

Essentially, she gives preparedness/action tips for when you’re healthy, just getting ill, and in the dark depths of full-blown flu.

The VIDEO And More Details On PAGE 2