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Video Tour Of A Rising S Bunker

Underground Bunker Tour

Considering an underground bunker as a survival option? Something that’s a bit more affordable than this?

underground bunker


Well there’s a company in Texas, Rising S, that specializes in underground bunkers, storm shelters, safe-rooms, blast doors, and bomb shelters.

They offer a lifetime guarantee. Each unit is 100% steel, fabricated by hand, and customized to each client’s unique specs.

VIDEO Of Bunker Walk-Through On Page 2

World’s Largest Private Apocalypse Bunker

Luxurious Living During The Apocalypse

Do you have a billion dollars in your survival budget? Maybe 2 billion? You do?! Well then, I’ve got a piece of property for you.

Deep in the Czech Republic sits a multilevel estate that offers luxurious amenities above ground … and the same plush luxury below in a high security bunker.

bunker complex

Aerial Rendering Of Oppidum

Named The Oppidum (Latin for “enclosed space”), it is being marketed to billionaires who want to maintain an opulent lifestyle, regardless of of surrounding conditions.

Here’s part of the marketing pitch:

  • A Massive Fortress
  • In An Optimal Location
  • Able To Protect Its Inhabitants From External Threats For Up To 10 Years
  • And Able To Provide Peace Of Mind As A Residence Before Disaster Strikes

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