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[Video] How To Make Acorn Coffee

Acorns For Food And Wilderness Beverage

As a wild edible source, acorns are very nutritious. Loaded with carbs, minerals, fats, and some vitamins, they’re a wonderful survival food. However, this oak tree nut is filled with tannins: without processing, the taste is very bitter.

acorns in skillet roasting over an open fire

Roasting Acorns For Coffee


In the video below, Survival Lilly shows how to process acorns to remove those tannins:

  • peel off the skin and seed coat,
  • slice into pieces,
  • boil in water to remove the tannins.

This takes both time and water since the boiling process must be repeated several times to remove the bitterness. Lilly does mention an alternative tannin removal procedure in the video.

Roasted Food Or Hot Coffee

Once processed, the acorn fruit can be mashed to make coffee or roasted for a nutty treat. Watch the video below for more details. And, as always,

Learn, Act and Share.



Source & Image: Survival Lilly

Cabela’s Survival Skills Readiness Test

13 Survival Skills Test Questions

In the Cabela Infographic below are 13 Yes-No questions testing your survival skills readiness.

If you answer yes to question, the graphic leads you along one path. If you answer no, the chart lays out consequences and/or remedies.

Cabela Survival Skills Test

Essentially based on the Core 4 and Law of 3’s, along with the critical survival categories (food, water, shelter, security, and communications), the infographic gives a quick insight to your skills level.

On PAGE 2: The 13 Survival Questions And The Infographic

[Video Review] Organic & Vegan Trekking Food

Trekking Food Is Not Trail Mix

When Survival Lilly begins this review, I thought the food packets were filled with a type of trail mix. You know: trekking food … trail mix. The same stuff. Right?


trekking food taste test

Organic And Vegan Trekking Food

Apparently, a company named Bertrand now offers “trekking food” with official organic or vegan labeling (by the USDA and the European equivalent). Each packet provides enough nourishment for one person for one day.

Okay. That sounds somewhat promising.

After watching the video, I think I might need more … of something else.

On PAGE 2:  Taste Test VIDEO (Watch Her Expression)

The Best Hunting Dogs

Top 10 Dog Breeds For Hunting

Something a little different today. We’re looking at hunting dogs. Like all dog owners, I have my preferences and biases when it come to the best. I mean, best at what? I’m not going to get into that discussion.


“I’ve Got It!”

So in a wimp-out sort of way, I’m listing the top 10 hunting dogs as picked out by Wilderness Today. Not my picks, their list.

Hunting breeds are categorized as hounds, gun dogs, feists, terriers, curs, and dachshunds. To narrow the list, WT focused on breeds most Americans pick for hunting companions and partners.

The Top 10:

Best Hunting Dog For Waterfowl:  Labrador Retriever


Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is built for cold-water work, as duck hunters will tell you. It’s playful and athletic nature belies its abilities as a gun dog. Its weather-resistant, short coat both repels water and keeps the dog warm in the blind …

Top Quail & Pheasant Hunting Dog:  The English Springer Spaniel


English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel

The English Springer Spaniel is a breed of gun dog that specializes in flushing and retrieving. Its compact body and strong, muscular legs give it the power and endurance to keep going even under trying hunting conditions …

A Great All Around Hunting Dog:  The Coonhound

The Coonhound is a variety of scent hound, a dog that runs its game by scent alone. There are several breeds of coonhound, each suited to a specific hunting purpose.  They are great helpers if you are out there checking the field with your rangefinder, looking for large game …

Top Pick for Small Game:  The Beagle


beagle hunting


The Beagle is a single-minded, determined, unshakable animal when it is on the hunt … the Beagle is used today to track rabbit, deer, and other small game.

… Expert at driving prey toward the hunter, the Beagle is a persistent when tracking game …

Grouse Hunting Dogs: English Setter

The English Setter is a proud and graceful animal use in hunting for quail, pheasant, and grouse. It’s a dog bred for endurance and athleticism, and it is capable of long stands in hard weather.

Like a pointer, the English Setter “points” to the location of the prey, giving the hunter ample time to set up and shoot …

The Remaining Five Dogs Breeds On PAGE 2