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5 Smart Tips For Distributing Pack Gear

Distributing Gear Into Different Packs

You’re doing your prepping best. Your plan for survival water, food, shelter, and security is taking shape. Maybe more than that … you are actually “ready”. Your family’s on board, and everyone has a prepped bug out pack.

Proper Gear Distribution

Proper Gear Distribution

But have you completely considered the actual bug out moment where each family member grabs their pack and … and what? What!?

Everyone is not here!? That pack is someplace else!? Where’s the main pack!? What do you mean it’s too heavy!?

Five Considerations

There are 5 important items to consider when distributing gear into different packs:

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[Video] Apostol Auto-Feed Rocket Stove

Apostol Rocket Stove 2016 Version

If you’re in the market for the latest in rocket stoves–or even just a bit curious–you’ll want out check out this video.

stove ready to go

Apostol Rocket Stove Assembled

Engineer775 of Practical Preppers assembles and tests the newest stove version built by Gabriel Apostol. If you’ve never heard of him, he’s been designing and perfecting the rocket stove concept for several years. His company, Bristol Rocket, manufactures this 2016 model.

With the latest design improvements, both Engineer775 and Apostol believe this to be one of the best rocket stoves available. Here’s why:

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[Video] Compact Outdoor Emergency Warmth Kit

Low Budget, Personal Warmth Kit

All emergencies are not of TEOTWAWKI kind. There are many situations where having an appropriate survival kit handy will save your life.

And if you’re outdoors for any reason during winter, a compact warmth kit is a necessity.

[Video] Compact Outdoor Emergency Warmth Kit

The Swiss outdoorsman Taro, of Taromovies Swiss Bushcraft & Survival, packs his emergency, low budget, warmth kit with four items:

  • a space blanket (two blankets are better),
  • 4 tea candles,
  • a lighter, and
  • 4 strips of tape.

The trick is how you actually use these items.

VIDEO Details Of This Kit In Action On Page 2

[Video] How To Clean A Rusty Knife

Cleaning Rust Off Your Knife

Never let your knife get this bad, but …

Maybe you were using your carbon blade in the damp wilderness and were a bit sloppy with its care. Or you’ve found a forgotten rusty knife in old pack. Or maybe just a smudge of dirt and rust suddenly appeared on your favorite bush tool.

rusted carbon knife

This Knife Is A Mess

No matter the reason (or excuse), Survival Mike offers a quick tip on how to clean the rust and grime off that blade.

He also goes through his sharpening, stropping, and oiling routine.

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