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5 Tips For Easier Preparedness Success

Prepping Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard

Following a preparedness lifestyle can be difficult. You understand it’s something you should be doing, but the daily “normal” routines take precedence: work, children, laundry, meals, …

Sometimes it’s just hard to find the time to practice a new skill or become proficient with a particular tool. Where’s the extra time and energy to prep properly?

new skills on road sign

New Skills As Part Of Prep?

Then there’s the issue of money: funds for gear, for stockpiling items, and for training. And what about “stockpiling” money for the same emergencies you’re supposedly prepping for?

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9 Questions To Ask BEFORE He Joins Your Survival Group

Do You Let Them In?

The premise:  BOOM! It’s happened.

All your food and water, security and shelter, gear and skills preparations paid off. You, your family, and your survival group have caught their collective breath, and are settling in for the long haul. However long that “haul” might be.

survival group wannabe

Stranger At The Gates

Until … until what?

Well, if forming a survival group is a before item on your prep list, then this post is about a possible (a likely) situation after the SHTF. The situation? Someone walking up to your camp/shelter/home perimeter.

Someone who wants to join your group.

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[Video] Southern Prepper1 Says No To New CBS Show

Turned Down Spot On CBS Show “Hunted”

CBS sought “prepper/survival types” for a new TV show that was a success in Britain. Essentially the contestants would be fugitives attempting to hide for a month from professional profilers and agents.

southern prepper's building

Part Of Southern Prepper’s Homestead

Dave and his wife of Southern Prepper1 were contacted and flown to LA to qualify (skill-wise and psychologically) for six episodes of Hunted. They did and were offered a contract. They decided not to sign it … and they went back home.

On PAGE 2: VIDEO On Why They Said “No Thanks”

[Video] Mike Speaks: Last Chance For Basic Prep

 No-Holds-Barred By No Stress Mike

Here’s a man who speaks his mind.

In this video he lays out five agenda items you should do right now as basic prep. Actually, he wouldn’t say “should do” but “must do” … or don’t come whining to him and his group when SHTF.

No stress Mike

Mike’s Friendliest Face

5 Basic Prep Actions

The basic preparations to do now (if not completed already):

  1. The survival weapons you must own to protect yourself and your family,
  2. Network to develop 3-man/woman groups … and each person has skills,
  3. Network with other groups to learn additional survival skills,
  4. Introduce yourself to the local sheriff offering support,
  5. Share and brainstorm your prep and planning knowledge with others.

The In-Your-Face VIDEO And Must-Do Preps On Page 2