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1st Annual Tacticool Gear Swap Meet Dec 5 2015

Gear Swap Meet In Upstate South Carolina

On December 5th, there’s a one day gear swap in Travelers Rest, SC, just north of Greenville.

Dan Kobler of Dynamic Defense & Gear is hosting the event at his location (address below). Ben of Guardian Holsters is co-host. It runs from 9am to 4pm. In addition to vendors, the SensiblePrepper, Skinny Medic, and Southern Prepper 1 will be present.

So if you’re in the Upstate area on the 5th (or just in the Southeast, for that matter), bring your gear to trade, swap, buy, or sell. There will be door prizes and giveaways, but just the conversations will worth the price of admission ($5.00).

Additional Information

  • Dynamic Defense & Gear, 917 U.S. 25, Travelers Rest, SC 29690
  • $5 admission, or get in free with toy to benefit Christmas Angel.
  • Vendor Contact: $30 per space call Dan Kobler at 864-704-7950, or Ben at Guardian Holsters: gtholsters [at]

Watch the video below for more details. It should be a great event.



The Why And How Of Forming A Survival Group

Short And Long-Term Survival

It’s all about two things:  survival during the initial crisis and continued long-term survival as events “settle down”.

You want to be able to get you and your family through the first few days and weeks of chaos, and you want to “prosper” as best as possible afterwards.

group meeting time

Time To Start A Survival Group

And although many of us tend to the lone-wolf point of view, real long term survival may just depend on a survival group we start or belong to.

Below are a few ideas that that will help you begin starting such a group, including:

  • where you live determines how you start,
  • the safety in numbers argument,
  • how group strengths enhance future survival,
  • how human resources are as important as stockpiled goods,
  • how to insure the long-term survival of your group, and
  • the importance of leadership details.

I hope this post helps you at least think about the advantages of a group.

Enjoy and act:

How To Get Your Own Survival Group:

Reaching out to people

You can’t form a survival group without letting people know about your intentions … If you live in a big city, it may be harder to form a survival group and the first thing you have to do is try to reach out to friends and people you know best.

Once you have a few friends that are interested in your group you can establish meetings to discuss more about the subject … However, if you are part of a smaller community, even a barbecue can be a good occasion to start discussing about forming a survival group …

Don’t make it a big announcement and don’t be ecstatic, but rather bring up the subject with nonchalance.

You can see how things go on from there and by the end of the day you will form an opinion on whom to contact in the coming weeks.

A Survival Group means Safety First

… During civil unrest, the unprepared will go after your supplies and being part of a survival group will make sure your supplies are protected … This is the main argument that you should bring up when discussing with people about forming a survival group.

If they understand what safety in numbers means for their future, they will join your alliance.

Spreading the work is easier if you have a survival group

Having a group … will increase your chances of survival. You can’t know it all and most certainly you can’t do it all. It is much easier to get things done when you have the proper help and it is crucial to have the right skill set for certain survival chores.

A survival group will allow each individual to focus on what he or she does best … In a survival situation time is of the essence and a lone wolf can’t do everything right under pressure.

Let people know about the strengths of your group and how it can help them in an uncertain future.

A survival group will maximize resources

A survival group can bring more resources to the table than an individual. This means that water, food, fuel and tools can be used for the survival of the entire group …

If you put all the resources together and you assure a correct distribution for each member of the survival group, you will have to worry less about the future …

Remember that when you talk with people about resources, you have to be as vague as possible and your main point of focus should not be the items (don’t brag about your resources).

You should put emphasis on the human resources you have and how they can keep the group safe.

A survival group is an important emotional support

… If you have a strong emotional network, you can cope with whatever the future throws at you during a crisis …

When you discuss with people about forming a survival group, learn to listen and don’t try to hijack the conversation or the suggestions being debated …

If you can make people feel comfortable inside the group and if you give them the attention they need, your survival group will last in time.

Every survival group needs a leader

… In a survival situation, having a leader will make sure things run effectively and nobody will be left on the outside. Most survival groups perish because the leadership issue is handled poorly …

From my point of view, the best way to deal with it would be a leadership rotation. Each person should take a turn during a non-life-threatening situation and everyone should agree to this plan.

For life-threatening events the survival group must have one individual as the recognized leader and the leader can be established based on vote and qualifications …

Make sure you let people know about how your survival group is governed and how they can take part in the decision making process. People will join easier if they know these details from the start.

A survival group is also about thriving

… Apart from prepping for worst-case scenarios, your survival group will keep you alive after the downfall. People need to understand that it’s all about what comes after the crisis and we might not be able to return to what the world once was.

Lone wolves can and probably will survive a disaster, but what will they do after? No matter how much you will struggle, you will never be able to accomplish what a group can and sooner or later you will need some help …

When you discuss with people about forming a survival group, don’t go for the lone wolves, they will never join your group and they will make you feel like you are fighting a losing battle.

Source: Although he may deny it, I consider Bob Rodgers an expert in all things prepper and survival. Read his excellent articles on his site Prepper’s Will.

Image: Gerd Altmann