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[Video] 25 lb Tactical And Survival Loadout

Or A 3-Season Bug Out Survival Kit

Having just finished a survival training session in Kentucky, David of Ultimate Survival Tips breaks down the required tactical and survival loadout he built for the course.

tactical loadout

Dave Of Ultimate Survival Tips

Although put together for this training, the loadout would serve well in any worst-case scenario event.

Essentially, the ruck and chest rig is a three-season bug out survival kit with a strong tactical emphasis.

A Rifle, A Rucksack, And Chest Loadout Rigs

The combination of gear in his ruck and chest loadout rig includes just about everything you’d need to survive for 72 hours if bugging out … plus whole lot more.


Two Essential Kits Most Preppers Overlook

How Many Prep Kits Are Enough?

Many of the posts and articles on preparedness and survival sites are focused on some sort of kit:

  • bug out,
  • ready-made,
  • seasonal,
  • car,
  • water module survival,
  • survival fire,
  • navigation,
  • medical,
  • food storage,
  • pocket survival (EDC) … You get the picture.
patrol and guard duty

Home Guard Duty

Kits are good topics because they usually take an important aspect of the Law of 3’s and identify the gear/items needed to extend that “3-something” survival time.

On The NEXT PAGE: Two Essential (But Often Forgotten) Kits

[Video] 18 Survival Gizmos, Gadgets, Gifts, & Gear

Survival Gear For All Budgets

If you’re  hunting for gear and gifts for your family or prepping friends, below is a list of goodies that span the budget range: from $13 to $100.

David of Ultimate Survival Tips compiled the list. Most of these items he’s reviewed in other videos, so he just gives a quick overview of each. But it’s enough info to get you started, to see if you want to investigate further.

survival and prep gear

Survival Gizmos, Gadgets, Gifts, & Gear

List Of 18 Survival Gear Ideas

Watch the video on the next page for more insights about each of these items. I do own the Eton radio, and have purchased VSSL kits in the past. Very satisfied with those. The Eton charges with  a USB, plus solar or a hand-crank charging.

Links to all items can be found at the UST YouTube channel with this video. (Or just Google to Amazon or other sites.) And, as always, Learn, Practice and Share.

Gadgets LIST And VIDEO Review On Page 2

[Video Review] Rapdom Tactical Messenger Bag

72 Hour Tactical Survival Kit

According to Chris Tanner of PreparedMind101, the Rapdom Tactical Messenger Bag just may be the best bag for an organized, 72-hour survival kit.

Definitely not a Mongo knockoff, this bag holds a lot of gear needed to help you get through several days of an emergency situation.

Rapdom 72-Hour Bag

Rapdom 72-Hour Bag

More affordable than most other bags in this category, Tanner packs just under 20 pounds of gear into the variety of pockets and pouches.

(No need to over-pack, or fill every nook and cranny. 20 lbs. of equipment is more than enough for a 72-hour kit. If not, there may be other issues. Just sayin’.)

VIDEO Review & Bag Hacks On PAGE 2

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