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[Video] How To Clean Your Ceramic Sharpening Rod

Knife Sharpening Rod Clean In 2 Minutes

Do you use a ceramic rod to sharpen your knives? Have you had it for a while? Then it’s probably marked and covered by the steel removed from all those knives after many sharpenings.

knife sharpening rod

Ceramic Sharpening Rod

With the ceramic pores filled with metal grit, the rod is a less efficient sharpener. So it’s time to clean it.

VIDEO Of Quick Cleaning Tip On PAGE 2

[Video Review] The Survive! Knife GSO-5.1

New And Improved GSO-5 Knife

Available for order in 2016, the Survive! GSO 5.1 is a full-sized medium utility knife.

Reviewed in the video below by Black Scout Survival, this new version has several improvements over the older model.

survival knife

Survive! GSO 5.1 Knife

Knife Upgrades:

  • a re-engineered and lengthened handle,
  • an upgraded blade finish,
  • fasteners with a more durable Torx T-25 style head instead of slotted, and
  • longer strike (ferro rod) profile along the spine.

Black Scout is notorious for snapping the tips off review knives. Not this one, though he does try to.

Complete VIDEO Review On PAGE 2

[Video Review] Condor Woodlaw Bushcraft Knife

Straight Up Bushcraft Knife … Or Is It?

Chris Tanner and Will Myers of PREPAREDMIND101 put the Condor Woodlaw knife through the gauntlet.

After stating that it’s a straight-up bushcraft knife, Chris correctly states that simple labels sometimes confuse what a tool can be used for.

woodcraft survival knife

Feathering With The Condor Woodlaw

A Knife Is What A Knife Does

This knife is more a woodcraft knife, not really a survival knife; yet a large portion of the video demonstrates knife survival skills:

  • feathering wood for tinder,
  • clean ferro rod strikes,
  • baton wood splits, and
  • even felling a sapling with two-cut baton strikes.

That’s survival to me.

VIDEO Review On Page 2

[Video] EDC Credit Card Size Folding Knife

Wallet-Size “Credit Card” Knife

David of Ultimate Survival Tips demos another EDC wallet-size survival gadget, the Cardsharp 2 Credit Card Sized Folding Knife by Iain Sinclair.

This utility knife is ultra lightweight, thin, and surgically sharp. The blade edge is protected when stored in your wallet or kit bag. The protective hilt appears when open.

holding credit card-sized knife

Credit Card Sized Folding Knife

David uses it as a backup to his regular EDC knife and multitool. Sort of a backup to a backup.

EDC Knife Review VIDEO On Page 2

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