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Pot Marigold As A Medicinal Survival Herb

An Important Survival Herb

As your watching this video by Survival Lilly, remember that there are all kinds of marigolds growing throughout the world. The different plants have different properties, some with unhealthy effects.

Pot Marigold As A Medicinal Survival Herb

Marigold Plants

The botanical name of this marigold is calendula officinalis. If you buy seeds–any seeds–always know the “official” name.

There’s no doubt that herbs should be part of your survival garden. Your garden should provide both nutritious vegetables and plants for home remedies. Medicinal remedies that may no longer be available anywhere if the SHTF.

Medicinal Properties And VIDEO On PAGE 2

[Video] Willow Bark As A Wilderness Aspirin Substitute

Willow Bark Tea

The medicinal properties of willow bark have been known since ancient times. Salicylic acid, an active ingredient of aspirin, comes from the salicin in the bark. (Enough of the chemistry.)

survival lilly

Harvesting Willow Bark

Like aspirin, a willow bark tea reduces fevers, eases pain, and is an anti-inflammatory. But here’s the trade-off: the tea is bitter, tastes horrible, and can upset your stomach; so it’s only used for the medicinal properties. This is not your morning Earl Grey.

Survival Herb

In the short video below, Survival Lilly demonstrates how she harvests the willow bark and prepares this herbal remedy. Because of it’s excellent healing results, the willow bark is truly a “survival herb”.

As, always, Learn, Practice, and Share.



Source & Image: Survival Lilly

[Video] Advanced Bow Drill Fire Tips

Tips For A Successful Bow Drill Fire

Many folks think the whole “bow drill thing” is a bushcraft waste of time. They’ll always have their ferro rods, fuel lighters, and stormproof matches.

Maybe so. I know I carry those other items.

tinder lit by bowdrill

Bow Drill Tips

But I also value different skill sets that provide possible life-saving and survival options. Knowing how to do something from scratch is important. And in the future  it may be very important … and your only option.

VIDEO Of Advanced Tips On Page 2

[Video] How To Build A Camp Intruder Alarm

Camp Perimeter Security

The two videos below detail how to build a firecracker trip wire camp security alarm. DIY trip wires are easy to assemble with just a few basic materials.

In the first video, How To Survive assembles the trip wire. In the second video, Survival Lilly builds a similar alarm … and then has a bit of fun.

camp perimeter alarm

Camp Perimeter Security

Video 1: Trip Wire Assembly

Wooden matches, a firecracker, duct tape, a striker strip and twine are all that’s needed. The assembly is straightforward: two wood matches aligned with the firecracker fuse with the striker strip from a match box as the igniter.

Watch the video below for actual assembly details.



The video on the next page shows Survival Lilly building a similar alarm at her bug out camp. She’s having more fun with the whole thing.

Survival Lilly VIDEO On Page 2