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[Video] Apostol Auto-Feed Rocket Stove

Apostol Rocket Stove 2016 Version

If you’re in the market for the latest in rocket stoves–or even just a bit curious–you’ll want out check out this video.

stove ready to go

Apostol Rocket Stove Assembled

Engineer775 of Practical Preppers assembles and tests the newest stove version built by Gabriel Apostol. If you’ve never heard of him, he’s been designing and perfecting the rocket stove concept for several years. His company, Bristol Rocket, manufactures this 2016 model.

With the latest design improvements, both Engineer775 and Apostol believe this to be one of the best rocket stoves available. Here’s why:

VIDEO And Stove Features On Page 2

[Video Review] New Escape and Evasion Training DVD

Southern Prepper1 Review Of New DVD

The folks at Survival Summit released their latest DVD today (1/5/2016). Titled “Survival Escape And Evasion”, it’s an hour and forty minute training course on how to get yourself out of captive situations … and avoid them altogether.

In the video below Southern Prepper1 does a quick review the DVD contents including:

  • Escaping illegal restraints (handcuffs, duct tape, zip ties, flex cuffs);
  • How to escape from a car trunk while handcuffed;
  • How to hide your EDC to escape illegal restraints;
  • How to lose someone who you suspect is following you;
  • Anti-tracking and counter-surveillance techniques;
  • Untraceable communications;
  • Lock picking with tools and every day items;
  • Gray man disguises that will make you virtually disappear;
  • And more.

Watch the video for the complete review. If you’re interested in more info on the DVD, there’s a link below the video.



More Info On The DVD: The link to Survival Summit Site (not an affiliate link)

The Patriot Nurse Has Had Enough

On Treachery … And Paper Tiger Mules

Saying the time for compromise is over, The Patriot Nurse let’s loose on the folks who seek the fruits of your labor using the State as their collection agent.

patriot nurse rant

The Nurse Speaks Up

Some of her most indignant insights include:

  • Why a threatened ban on “assault” weapons won’t work,
  • Why a rural vs. urban clash is more likely than “geographic” unrest,
  • The treachery of modern-day “British (brutish?) Tories” and the”know-better-than-you”, paper-tiger elites,
  • Why you can’t compromise with socialists, that you can’t slick-up a mule and make it a racehorse, and
  • Why she teaches medical skills for families.


[Video] New Survival Gear: Turning Gravity Into Light

A Slow Falling Weight Powers A Light

The simple notion of using a slow-moving, falling weight to power things has been around for centuries. Think big clocks in 16th century cathedrals.

So when I saw the principle applied to an LED lamp, my first thoughts were about lighting for either off grid emergencies or off grid emergencies or lifestyles.

G02 GravityLight

20 Minutes Of Light From A Slow Falling Weight!

How It Works

Using 26 pounds hung six feet above ground, the GravityLight provides 20 minutes of light. Over and over and over again. In the words of the design team:

Once GravityLight is installed and a 12kg weight – a bag of rocks or sand – attached, it’s ready to go, anytime.

The weight is lifted by pulling down on a bead cord. On release, the weight falls very slowly, transforming potential energy into kinetic energy as it powers a drive sprocket and polymer gear train.

This generates just under a tenth of a watt, to power an onboard LED and ancillary devices.

Once the weighted bag reaches the floor, which depends on how high it was installed, it is simply lifted to repeat the process.

On PAGE 2: VIDEO Of GravityLight In Action