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World’s Largest Private Apocalypse Bunker

Luxurious Living During The Apocalypse

Do you have a billion dollars in your survival budget? Maybe 2 billion? You do?! Well then, I’ve got a piece of property for you.

Deep in the Czech Republic sits a multilevel estate that offers luxurious amenities above ground … and the same plush luxury below in a high security bunker.

bunker complex

Aerial Rendering Of Oppidum

Named The Oppidum (Latin for “enclosed space”), it is being marketed to billionaires who want to maintain an opulent lifestyle, regardless of of surrounding conditions.

Here’s part of the marketing pitch:

  • A Massive Fortress
  • In An Optimal Location
  • Able To Protect Its Inhabitants From External Threats For Up To 10 Years
  • And Able To Provide Peace Of Mind As A Residence Before Disaster Strikes

12 Disasters This “Bunker” Protects You From Page 2

Survival Lilly Expands Her Bug Out Camp

A Bigger Bug Out Camp

Previously, Survival Lilly gave a tour of her bug out camp. Today she starts the process of expanding that same shelter.

bug out structure

Bug Out Camp “Remodel”

So how do you start an expansion? The same as any “home remodel”. You knock down some walls … and strengthen others. This is only Part 1 of the reconstruction.

It’s a short video, but she gets a lot done. Most of the work is tearing down then rebuilding one wall of her camp. She’s preparing to add a lean-to for the shelter.

Camp Expansion VIDEO On PAGE 2

Video Tour Of Bushcraft Meetup

Bushcraft Academy Day 1

SurvivalMike provides video of day 1 of a bushcraft meetup/academy in Germany.

Bushcraft Meetup

Tour Of Bushcraft Meetup

It was good to see young folks practicing pole and hand-drill firestarter skills. I remember the the youthful excitement of my youngest nephew when he started his first “pole fire”.

Participants build slack and flying fox lines and array of shelters.

Meetup VIDEO On Page 2

Video Tour Of Bug Out Van

Bug Out Van Build

Nice video tour of a one-person (plus dog) bug out (and soon to be stealth) van. It’s currently a work in progress.

bugging out in van with dog

Bug Out Van On The Move

Already in place are:

  • a 5 gallon water container with pump top,
  • both a rocket and a Max Burton stove,
  • stacked drawer containers for storage,
  • a weather radio …

VIDEO Tour Of The Van On Page 2