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How To Build 3 Types Of Short Term Shelters

Improvised Shelters

Here are three versions of improvised short term shelters. They’re used to provide some protection from inclement weather conditions, or for overnight cover.

Useful for keeping you dry (or drier if you had no shelter), for breaking a chilling wind or a broiling sun, and holding heat from a fire, these shelters take from 20 minutes to 45 minutes to set up.

Two Lean-To’s, One Tepee

The shelter setup demo includes two types of a lean-to and one tepee type. The only “carry-in” items used are a couple of contractor garbage bags for one of the shelters, and of course your outdoor gear tools: a machete and maybe a bow saw.


Source: Shane of Lonewolf Wilderness Survival School gives another excellent demonstration.

[Video] An OverSized Poncho As A Survival Shelter

A 30-Seconds Survival Shelter?

Is it possible to setup a survival shelter in 30 seconds using only a poncho? No twine, no cords, and no stakes … only a dead, leaning tree and your over-sized poncho?

The answer is “yes” — or this post would end here.

David of Ultimate Survival Tips demonstrates the emergency poncho shelter by OPSEC.

Lighter and more compact than a military surplus poncho, this piece of survival gear not only keeps you dry, but also protects your over-sized pack.

And, of course, it doubles as quick set-up survival shelter. Let us know what you think in the comments below.



Source & Image: Ultimate Survival Tips

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