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Pioneering Skills Are Now Survival Skills

From Pioneer To Survivalist

To me as a child, pioneering were the TV shows The Rifleman with Chuck Connors and Wagon Train with Ward Bond. (Yes, I am that old.) Little House On the Prairie was too sappy. My sisters watched that.

Covered Wagons Train

Wagon Train

Those TV characters were seeking new western homesteads to build homes and families.

Using common, everyday skills for those times, they hunted game, grew fruits and vegetables, preserved extra food, and tended to injuries and ailments. They were pioneers.

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[Video Review] Wilderness Skills DVD

Survival Skills DVD By Sigma 3 Founder

Black Scout Survival does a quick review of Survival Summit’s 2-disc DVD set on wilderness survival skills. Using Sigma 3 Survival School’s founder Rob Allen as a guide, the dvds walk you through the finest details of the most required skills sets.

Although hardly a survival novice, Black Scout was still impressed with the layered “All Night” fire, which burned warmly for 40+ hours while Allen filmed the dvds … for 40+ hours without adding wood.

black scout survival

Wilderness Skills DVD


So if you’re interested in learning how to build cold/warm weather shelters, filter water primitively, procure your own food, and 3 hours more of wilderness skills, you may want to invest in this set.

Discount Code Valid Through January, 29 2016

Black Scout reveals his time-sensitive 20% discount code towards the video end. Just go here to learn more about the DVD set, and you can redeem the code at checkout.

These skills need to be understood and practiced. Cranking up these videos during a severe survival scenario (assuming you could) will probably do you little good. But you already know that.

As always, Learn, Act and Share.



Source & Image: Survival Summit and Black Scout Survival

[Video] How To Increase Your Survival Chances

Growing Your Self-Reliance

If you’re familiar with Dave Canterbury’s videos, you know he’s made several on both fire-making and trapping in a variety of environments. You’ve also seen him document his own learning process as he works with stone, wood and metal.

Essentially his survival skills have evolved over time as he learns, practices, and perfects a variety of skills.

rifle and animal skins on wall

Increasing Your Survival Chances

And that’s what this video is about: Your survival depends on adapting quickly and successfully to changing environments. How well you develop and practice skill sets today determines your chance for survival in the future.

Improving Survival  VIDEO On Page 2

The Patriot Nurse Has Had Enough

On Treachery … And Paper Tiger Mules

Saying the time for compromise is over, The Patriot Nurse let’s loose on the folks who seek the fruits of your labor using the State as their collection agent.

patriot nurse rant

The Nurse Speaks Up

Some of her most indignant insights include:

  • Why a threatened ban on “assault” weapons won’t work,
  • Why a rural vs. urban clash is more likely than “geographic” unrest,
  • The treachery of modern-day “British (brutish?) Tories” and the”know-better-than-you”, paper-tiger elites,
  • Why you can’t compromise with socialists, that you can’t slick-up a mule and make it a racehorse, and
  • Why she teaches medical skills for families.