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[Video] Building A Ladder With Rope And Poles

How To Build A Ladder In The Forest

You’re in the forest and you want to cache items in a tree to keep them from humans, bears, etc. Or you want to reach a platform already built … or maybe harvest an animal burrow.

Since no one carries a ladder for gear, you have to make one. And that’s what this video is about: making a ladder quickly and easily.

setting up ladder poles

Setting Ladder Poles

[Any survival skill is “quick and easy” if you practice it. Listen to the comments at the 3:00 mark.]

Basically, in addition to your knife and/or saw, you need:

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Startup SHTF Communication Guide

Survival Communication Plan

You’re increasing your food stocks, you’re buying gear as your budget allows, and you’re practicing survival skills you might need to help your family survive some sort of future disaster.

But do have a survival communication plan that allows you to get and keep in touch with family and group members? A plan that includes detailed what-to-do if this or that happens? And do you have the communication gear to execute your plan?

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[Video] 8 Keys To Surviving Anything

Staying Alive No Matter What

Can you survive regardless of what the Universe “dumps” on you? Are you physically fit to meet any survival challenge? Are you practicing basic survival skillsets? Do you own … and know how to use tools and survival gear?

In the video below, Prepared Mind 101 (Chris Tanner) discusses all the above and much more. As we all begin a new year, the topic of how we’re preparing ourselves and our families should be reviewed carefully.

What are the prep goals for the year. What weaknesses need strengthening? Is there a plan to accomplish all this?

Surviving Anything

Surviving Anything

Outline Of Your Plan

Use the eight topics as an outline for your prep and survival plans for 2016. The video will give you bigger ideas on what you should be doing … or continue to do.

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[Video] How To Build A Camp Intruder Alarm

Camp Perimeter Security

The two videos below detail how to build a firecracker trip wire camp security alarm. DIY trip wires are easy to assemble with just a few basic materials.

In the first video, How To Survive assembles the trip wire. In the second video, Survival Lilly builds a similar alarm … and then has a bit of fun.

camp perimeter alarm

Camp Perimeter Security

Video 1: Trip Wire Assembly

Wooden matches, a firecracker, duct tape, a striker strip and twine are all that’s needed. The assembly is straightforward: two wood matches aligned with the firecracker fuse with the striker strip from a match box as the igniter.

Watch the video below for actual assembly details.



The video on the next page shows Survival Lilly building a similar alarm at her bug out camp. She’s having more fun with the whole thing.

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