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6 CPR Basics Every Prepper Should Know

What To Do If Your CPR Certified … Or Not

Much of our prepping strategies are focused on gear … and how to use it. But survival skill sets are just as important. And among the most important of those is knowing first aid.

heart puzzle

Need To Know CPR Basics

Planning for disaster scenarios certainly must include helping the injured and ill in your family and your group.

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[Video] Asking For Help At the Range

If You Don’t, Know Ask …

While at the indoor range shooting pistols and an AK, the Skinny Medic and his buddy Lou noticed an older gentleman practicing next to them.

The older guy fumbled about when loading, and when he shot … well, sometimes he hit the paper target.

assisting at the gun range

Thanks For The Help

It was pretty obvious the man had never shot a pistol before. It appeared he had probably never held one. But SM and his buddy were reluctant to butt in.

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[Video] Outline Of Ultimate Essentials Survival Training

The Core 4

David of Ultimate Survival Tips gives a behind the scenes look of Day One of his Fall Ultimate Essentials Level 1 Training class.

The video outlines class topics centered on both the survival mindset (how you deal with situations) and critical thinking skills (how you determine survival priorities).

survival training seminar

Outline Of Ultimate Essentials Survival Training

Set in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania, the essentials survival training extends the “Core 4” (shelter, water, fire, food) adding

  • rescue/concealment (situational),
  • safety, self-defense, protection (security), and
  • first aid.

Law of 3’s

And, as expected with any survival essentials course, the initial discussion hinges on the well-known Law of 3’s. With a couple of twists:

  • 3 minutes: air and blood flow/loss,
  • 3 hours: regulation of body core temperature (shelter, fire and clothing),
  • 3 days: water,
  • 3 weeks: food, and
  • 3 months: companionship (think Tom Hanks in the Castaway movie).

The VIDEO Is On Page 2