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[Video] 1961 Army Special Forces: Bow & Arrow Vs. Firearms

Silent Warriors

This video from around 1961 highlights the bow and arrow skills of the “Silent Warriors” from the Army’s 19th Group Special Forces Group, based at Draper, Utah. This is before the Green Berets.

bow and arrow vs. 1961 army firearms

Penetrating Power Of The Arrow

This 2½ minute clip titled the “Silent Warriors” is from an episode of the US Army series “The Big Picture.” It discusses the potential superiority of the bow and arrow in certain tactical situations including:

  • accuracy and extremely powerful and penetrating strikes,
  • “swift silence” over long distances, and
  • not revealing position by muzzle flash or smoke.

A “penetration” challenge test against other small arms projectiles is set up at the firing range.

VIDEO Demonstration And More Details On PAGE 2

Cabela’s Survival Skills Readiness Test

13 Survival Skills Test Questions

In the Cabela Infographic below are 13 Yes-No questions testing your survival skills readiness.

If you answer yes to question, the graphic leads you along one path. If you answer no, the chart lays out consequences and/or remedies.

Cabela Survival Skills Test

Essentially based on the Core 4 and Law of 3’s, along with the critical survival categories (food, water, shelter, security, and communications), the infographic gives a quick insight to your skills level.

On PAGE 2: The 13 Survival Questions And The Infographic

[Video] Asking For Help At the Range

If You Don’t, Know Ask …

While at the indoor range shooting pistols and an AK, the Skinny Medic and his buddy Lou noticed an older gentleman practicing next to them.

The older guy fumbled about when loading, and when he shot … well, sometimes he hit the paper target.

assisting at the gun range

Thanks For The Help

It was pretty obvious the man had never shot a pistol before. It appeared he had probably never held one. But SM and his buddy were reluctant to butt in.

VIDEO On How We Helped On Page 2

[Video] Mike Speaks: Last Chance For Basic Prep

 No-Holds-Barred By No Stress Mike

Here’s a man who speaks his mind.

In this video he lays out five agenda items you should do right now as basic prep. Actually, he wouldn’t say “should do” but “must do” … or don’t come whining to him and his group when SHTF.

No stress Mike

Mike’s Friendliest Face

5 Basic Prep Actions

The basic preparations to do now (if not completed already):

  1. The survival weapons you must own to protect yourself and your family,
  2. Network to develop 3-man/woman groups … and each person has skills,
  3. Network with other groups to learn additional survival skills,
  4. Introduce yourself to the local sheriff offering support,
  5. Share and brainstorm your prep and planning knowledge with others.

The In-Your-Face VIDEO And Must-Do Preps On Page 2