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Six Laws Of Survival When Bugging Out

Strategies For The Worst Case Scenario

Here’s the premise of this article: bugging in is not an option. You have to leave your home or apartment. There are armed, occupying forces (national and/or foreign) moving into your town and neighborhood.

If you don’t leave, you risk harsh imprisonment and/or death.

parachute landings

Red Dawn?

Is this “Red Dawn” scenario likely? Maybe not. Is it possible? Most certainly.

The 6 Laws On Page 2

6 CPR Basics Every Prepper Should Know

What To Do If Your CPR Certified … Or Not

Much of our prepping strategies are focused on gear … and how to use it. But survival skill sets are just as important. And among the most important of those is knowing first aid.

heart puzzle

Need To Know CPR Basics

Planning for disaster scenarios certainly must include helping the injured and ill in your family and your group.

On The NEXT PAGE: 6 Things To Know About CPR

[Video] Shout Out To 9 “After the Collapse” Channels

9 “ApocaTalk” YouTube Channels

This is the third post in the series giving relevant YouTube channels some exposure.

Today, the Canadian Prepper gives a shout out to nine channels that focus on what society will look like post collapse: standards of living, technological regressions, and and adapting to a more primitive lifestyle.

Of course, these “apocatalk” (apocalypse talk) videos offer more than just doomsday, grid down dialogue. Some are very thoughtful and level-headed in their presentations.

"Doomsday Channels

“Doomsday Channels


That being said, this is not a blanket endorsement of these channels. Many of their ideas I (and Canadian Prepper) disagree with. But as CP says,

“It’s the mark of an educated mind to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

The Channels

Doomstead Diner (Roger Ebert): an established channel with a variety of guests and his critical analysis of current events, “Serving Food For Thought”.

Disaster Survival Network: post collapse insights and points of view.

Ontario Preppers Network: public speaker Che Bodri’s  channel with lots of good info, discussions and skill set examples.

Ethical Preparedness: probably the fewest number of videos dedicated to just apocalypse talk.

Hibernian Son: one of the pioneers of the “apocatalk” genre, he may challenge your  political & religious beliefs.

The Immortal: a cerebral, philosophical “ideas guy” who includes pragmatic prepping and survival topics.

The Kgoat Channel: the king of apocatalk, ethical and level-headed.

Dan Daman: a lot of gun videos with a balanced perspective.

Suburban Sentinel: critical analysis with life real life experiences.

You can search YouTube for these channels. Or simply watch the video below with the embedded “subscribe links” that pop up as Canadian Prepper gives additional information about each channel.

And, as always, Learn, Act and Share



Source &Image: Canadian Prepper

[Video] 10 Safest Countries If WWIII Breaks Out

Safest Countries During War

Here are 10 clues. Can you match them with the safest countries listed below the video?


Safest Countries?

a) Wide-spread bunkers

b) Island nation uniquely self-sufficient

c) Secluded and developed with fertile soils

d) Swiss-like aversion to foreign entanglements (not Switzerland)

e) Air mass doesn’t mix with Northern Hemisphere air flows

f) Ranked #1 in Global Peace Index (What the heck is that?!)

g) The faraway part of this country

h) Island fortress

i) Militarily neutral (not Switzerland, again, for this clue)

j) Has supported human settlements for 1000’s of years

Country List Video

Try to guess before you watch this Top 10 video.



The countries (alphabetically): Bhutan, Chile, Denmark, Fiji, Iceland, Ireland, Malta, New Zealand, Switzerland, Tuvalu.

No, I didn’t know that either.

Image: Gerd Altmann