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[Video] How To Build Your Emergency Trauma Kit

Not A Simple First Aid Kit

The medical kit we’re talking about here is for serious injuries, for  trauma. So there are no band-aids, first aid creams, etc.

trauma kit items

Emergency Trauma Kit

In the video below, SkinnyMedic shows what belongs in your kit. Along with his preferences, he suggests several options for each item category. There is one item he reluctantly recommends … but only if you’re trained in its use (9:30 mark of video).


Fake C-A-T Tourniquets Flood Marketplace

Tests by the U.S. Army’s Institute of Surgical Research show that the Combat Application Tourniquet® is “100% effective”.


Counterfeit Tourniquet Warning

Manufactured in the U.S by North American Rescue, the C-A-T® is a compact, lightweight tourniquet that can be self-applied using just one hand. It’s an excellent medical device and very popular with first responders and serious preppers.

It’s so popular that the marketplace is flooded with Chinese made counterfeits.

There are so many fake C-A-T devices being sold that North American issued the following warning:

Counterfeit Tourniquet Warning:

There are several counterfeit medical devices on the market which resemble the Combat Application Tourniquet®
(C-A-T®). This includes those sold by online vendors on eBay® and Amazon®. Some of those counterfeits have catastrophically failed during actual life-saving applications [my emphasis].

To ensure the authenticity of your Combat Application Tourniquet® (C-A-T®), contact North American Rescue.
For Questions, call 888-689-6277

How can you spot a fake C-A-T?

The SkinnyMedic teamed up with North American to produce the short video below showing all the tell-tale signs of a counterfeit. Always check the four areas that yell, “Fake!”.

At the video’s end the rip-offs vs. the real are placed side by side.



Image: North American Rescue