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Pioneering Skills Are Now Survival Skills

From Pioneer To Survivalist

To me as a child, pioneering were the TV shows The Rifleman with Chuck Connors and Wagon Train with Ward Bond. (Yes, I am that old.) Little House On the Prairie was too sappy. My sisters watched that.

Covered Wagons Train

Wagon Train

Those TV characters were seeking new western homesteads to build homes and families.

Using common, everyday skills for those times, they hunted game, grew fruits and vegetables, preserved extra food, and tended to injuries and ailments. They were pioneers.

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[Video] How To Make A Net Trap

Making An Efficient Net Trap –

Survival Lilly shows how to make a trap using a handmade pocket gill net. It’s essentially a snare trap that replaces the noose with a net. The setup is straightforward:

netting for trap

Making A Net Trap–A Snare Trap Alternative

  • attach paracord to a high-tension, bendable tree,
  • build your trigger mechanism,
  • create a sling by weaving cord through the net perimeter, and
  • spread the sling over the trigger and attach to the tree.

Simple. She does several snare tests in the video.

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