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Stop Using This Water Filtration Bottle Immediately

Stop Using This LifeSaver Filtration Bottle

LIFESAVER® Systems Ltd offers a variety of water filtration/purification products.

After receiving independent lab test results, LIFESAVER issued this directive to customers:

LIFESAVER® recommends that the use of the 6000uf Bottle should be immediately discontinued.

Apparently it didn’t pass virus removal testing … but did pass both bacteria and cyst removal.

water filtration bottle

Stop Using The 6000uf Filtration Bottle

They are looking into the possibility of filtration replacement program.

In the meantime, they recommend not using any of their water filter products — especially where virus infection is suspected — until further testing is completed.

Here is the complete press release.

FunkyPrepper recorded a quick video about the issue. See below and …

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Not Storing Water NOW? Basic Water Storage Tips

Water Storage Options

If you are NOT storing water on-site, at your home, you need to start immediately. Right now.

Because if your water is suddenly cut off or contaminated, you’ve got a major problem.

Depending on how wide-spread, and how long the emergency lasts, your only water source just may be what you already have on-hand. (Your emergency preparedness plan CANNOT count on store supplies.)

survival water storage

Basic Water Storage Tips


Water for flushing, cooking, personal hygiene, and maybe even reconstituting freeze-dried supplies. Gallons of water needed even when rationed.

Water Storage VIDEO On Page 2

[Video] Your Top 3 Survival Tools

A Thought Exercise

Inspired by a forum post question, the Patriot Prepper thoughtfully responds to “If you were allowed only three survival tools, what would they be?”.

Now everyone would want more than 3 tools, but this is a pretty good survivalist “thought exercise”.

The Prepper not only discusses the What but also the Why of his choices. He names brands and gives a couple of good demos.

Before you watch the video, choose your must have survival tools. And please comment below.



Source & Image: PatriotPrepper