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[Video Review] AquaGear Radiological Water Filter

Does Your Tap Water Glow In The Dark?

Below is the J.J. Johnson’s of Reality Survival video review of the AquaGear® Radiological Water Filter.

AquaGear Radiological Water Filter

AquaGear Radiological Water Filter

He looks at both the pitcher filter and the filter straw.

Important: These filters are designed to be used with tap water: water that has been filtered of gross particles. They are not field pack filters … although I would carry the straw filter in my bug out kit.

Made in the USA and 100% BPA free, the AquaGear filters remove gross beta particles; they don’t make completely irradiated water safe.

Maybe these should passed out to the residents of Flint, MI and paid for by the politicians and bureaucrats who authorized and oversaw that mess. Just sayin’.

Test Results And VIDEO REVIEW On Page 2

Stop Using This Water Filtration Bottle Immediately

Stop Using This LifeSaver Filtration Bottle

LIFESAVER® Systems Ltd offers a variety of water filtration/purification products.

After receiving independent lab test results, LIFESAVER issued this directive to customers:

LIFESAVER® recommends that the use of the 6000uf Bottle should be immediately discontinued.

Apparently it didn’t pass virus removal testing … but did pass both bacteria and cyst removal.

water filtration bottle

Stop Using The 6000uf Filtration Bottle

They are looking into the possibility of filtration replacement program.

In the meantime, they recommend not using any of their water filter products — especially where virus infection is suspected — until further testing is completed.

Here is the complete press release.

FunkyPrepper recorded a quick video about the issue. See below and …

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