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[Video Review] AquaGear Radiological Water Filter

Does Your Tap Water Glow In The Dark?

Below is the J.J. Johnson’s of Reality Survival video review of the AquaGear® Radiological Water Filter.

AquaGear Radiological Water Filter

AquaGear Radiological Water Filter

He looks at both the pitcher filter and the filter straw.

Important: These filters are designed to be used with tap water: water that has been filtered of gross particles. They are not field pack filters … although I would carry the straw filter in my bug out kit.

Made in the USA and 100% BPA free, the AquaGear filters remove gross beta particles; they don’t make completely irradiated water safe.

Maybe these should passed out to the residents of Flint, MI and paid for by the politicians and bureaucrats who authorized and oversaw that mess. Just sayin’.

Test Results And VIDEO REVIEW On Page 2

Cabela’s Survival Skills Readiness Test

13 Survival Skills Test Questions

In the Cabela Infographic below are 13 Yes-No questions testing your survival skills readiness.

If you answer yes to question, the graphic leads you along one path. If you answer no, the chart lays out consequences and/or remedies.

Cabela Survival Skills Test

Essentially based on the Core 4 and Law of 3’s, along with the critical survival categories (food, water, shelter, security, and communications), the infographic gives a quick insight to your skills level.

On PAGE 2: The 13 Survival Questions And The Infographic

[Video Review] Solkoa S3 Water Module Survival Kit

Survival Kit Module: Water

If you’re looking for a convenient (but not always less expensive) way to bulk up your supply of survival gear, then purchasing module kits may be a good way to go.

backup water

Solkoa S3 Water Module

In this video, Black Scout Survival looks at a Solkoa module: their water survival kit. Make no mistake, this kit is a short-term, emergency solution. It’ll get you through a few days only.

Even Solkoa says these are the “minimum components necessary for obtaining, treating and storing water during an unexpected night out or short duration emergencies”.

VIDEO Review And Kit Features On The NEXT PAGE

[Video Review] LifeStraw Family Water Filter

3 Years Of Clean Water For A Family Of Four

J.J. Johnson of Reality Survival demonstrates the LifeStraw Family 1.0 Water Purifier.

It’s a gravity fed system requiring no power sources, and it’s rated to supply a family of four with 3 years of clean drinking water.

The Specs

water purifier

LifeStraw Family Water Purifier

Here are the specs as listed by LifeStraw:

  • Removes 99.99% viruses, 99.9999% bacteria and 99.9% protozoan cysts to 0.02 microns in size
  • Purifies 18,000 liters/4755 gallons without iodine, chlorine, or other chemicals
  • Flow rate of 9 -12 liters per hour.

VIDEO Review And Additional Details On Page 2