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Winter Camping In Michigan

14 Friends Camping In The Winter Woods

This is a simple video of friends camping for a couple of days in a Michigan forest. Essentially it was a winter camp meet-up in the Huron National Forest of several guys with YouTube channels.

winter camp around a fire

Winter Camping With Friends

There are no “this is how you this” or “how to do that”; they just do what has to be done for shelter, fire, and food.

So if you want watch winter skills and gear in action, including …

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[Video] Winter Hike With Friends And A Dog

Hot Chocolate Hike

Canadian Joe Robinet of Bushcraft enjoys a winter hike with a couple of new friends. Joe’s dog is actually the star of the video. Nothing very special about this short video except encouraging me and my other cold northern friends to get outside more and enjoy our winter woods.

Must admit it’s been awhile since I made hot chocolate for the family while hiking during the colder months. It’ll definitely happen this weekend with the alcohol stove.

What Kind Of Boots Are Those?

In case you’re wondering, Joe is wearing Baffin Endurance boots. Nice.

Watch the quick video for a relaxing moment in the Canadian cold.



Source & Image: Joe Robinet