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[Video] 33 Winter Preps And Winter Survival Gear

Winter And Winter Survival Preparations

Obviously, winter preparations vary depending on your latitude. The farther North (or South in the southern hemisphere) you live, the more winter-specific preps you must consider.

winter preparedness

Winter Preps And Gear

Basically you have stay warm (core body temperature) and protect yourself from exposure. If it’s a grid down, survival situation, many of the items on this list become critical for simply getting through one more day.

The List

This list by Canadian Prepper is not meant to be comprehensive, but a good starting point. Many of the items are good to have on hand for cooler/cold weather. Other pieces of gear are for either harsh winter conditions (northern climes), or survival scenarios.


Winter Camping In Michigan

14 Friends Camping In The Winter Woods

This is a simple video of friends camping for a couple of days in a Michigan forest. Essentially it was a winter camp meet-up in the Huron National Forest of several guys with YouTube channels.

winter camp around a fire

Winter Camping With Friends

There are no “this is how you this” or “how to do that”; they just do what has to be done for shelter, fire, and food.

So if you want watch winter skills and gear in action, including …

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Basic Winter Preparations For Your Home

We love the Fall. Leaves, color, pumpkins. All that. But there’s also the nagging reality of the coming Winter months. Snow, little color, icicles. All that.

Now if you live in Florida, your winter preparations aren’t extensive. If you live anywhere else in the States, your prep list has to consider at least the possibility of ice and power outages. If you live like us in the Northeast, add heavy snow. Add blizzards.

firewood and snowshoes

Below are some basic ideas to help jump start your cold season preparations. If you’re looking for additional prep ideas check this out.

Remember, the time to do all this is right now.

Emergency Heat

Make sure to possess emergency heat accessible for power outages which you’ve got enough heat for your entire family and pets. Kerosene space heaters and gas heating components are each great sources of emergency heat. These are shunned for indoor use these days for worry of fumes and carbon monoxide gas but used properly are completely safe inside …

All you need to try and do is keep your house within the middle 40s during an emergency to remain safe. Pipes won’t freeze …

Water and Food

… In cold, dry situations your body wants a lot of water and food so no matter your current plan is, up it by regarding twenty fifth per person.

… A camp stove that runs off gas may be a great possibility during this case, as it may be used inside with ventilation, but more easy stoves and cooking over a fire may be done outside as well. Just be ready for each option and have the stove tested and prepared, and fire wood chopped.


This goes back to the emergency heat idea with a little additional backup. Even if you don’t usually go outside for extended periods of time when it’s cold you would like to create certain you’ve got enough cold weather clothing to remain warm for extended periods of time while not external heat … Also, you’ll need to walk to a store or to a neighbor to lend a hand; each cases need snow gear to get out.

Make a List

… Not only do you want the standard lists like food and water expiration … you need home safety lists as well, like where your water shutoff valves are …  as well as what [to] shut off to prevent [a damaging power surge when power returns after a blackout].

Tools and Repair Materials

Check your tools now and ensure they’re organized and prepared for the winter. This suggests not only wrenches and pliers, but saws and shovels for out of doors problems like cut trees, too … Plastic material and duct tape may be your best friend in the case that a window is broken …

Finally, keep pipe repair kits and patch kits accessible for frozen pipes and different random plumbing problems.

Source: You need to read the great articles on John Turner’s site Patriot Direct.

Image: Viateur Beaulieu From Canada