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[Video] Compact Outdoor Emergency Warmth Kit

Low Budget, Personal Warmth Kit

All emergencies are not of TEOTWAWKI kind. There are many situations where having an appropriate survival kit handy will save your life.

And if you’re outdoors for any reason during winter, a compact warmth kit is a necessity.

[Video] Compact Outdoor Emergency Warmth Kit

The Swiss outdoorsman Taro, of Taromovies Swiss Bushcraft & Survival, packs his emergency, low budget, warmth kit with four items:

  • a space blanket (two blankets are better),
  • 4 tea candles,
  • a lighter, and
  • 4 strips of tape.

The trick is how you actually use these items.

VIDEO Details Of This Kit In Action On Page 2

[Video] 33 Winter Preps And Winter Survival Gear

Winter And Winter Survival Preparations

Obviously, winter preparations vary depending on your latitude. The farther North (or South in the southern hemisphere) you live, the more winter-specific preps you must consider.

winter preparedness

Winter Preps And Gear

Basically you have stay warm (core body temperature) and protect yourself from exposure. If it’s a grid down, survival situation, many of the items on this list become critical for simply getting through one more day.

The List

This list by Canadian Prepper is not meant to be comprehensive, but a good starting point. Many of the items are good to have on hand for cooler/cold weather. Other pieces of gear are for either harsh winter conditions (northern climes), or survival scenarios.


[Video] Winter Gear For Overnight Camping

Winter Overnight Camp Gear

The Canadian Joe Robinet of Joe Robinet Bushcraft empties his pack to show what he’s brought to camp overnight in the forest during winter.

winter pack

Fjallraven Friluft 55 Pack

The red backpack is a Fjallraven Friluft 55. I know they’re also available in dark gray, and that they are also hard to find: usually out of stock. His pack is not stuffed full, but he has more than he needs for a winter overnight.

Unpacking his kit you’ll see he uses a variety of pouches and dump bags. Keeps things neat and organized … easier to find.

Robinet plans a couple of additional videos showing his camp setup, and how he keeps warm throughout the night. This is just the gear video.

VIDEO And Gear LIST On Page 2

[Video] Extreme Cold Overnight Bug Out Challenge

Canadian Winter Bug Out Camp

The Canadian Prepper wanted to see what it would be like to spend a night outdoors in below 30°C (-22°F) temperatures. He wanted to condition himself to the harsh realities of having to bug out into the deep woods in the thick of Canadian prairie winter.

And he went by himself.

Canadian Prepper

It’s Cold!

He was testing Aeris (by fortress Gear) base layer clothing for a future video, so he wore no winter jacket. Tough test.

He drove as far as he could on a snowed-in road, hiked through thick brush with his monowalker ( a sled and rickshaw blend), and set up camp in raw woodlands.

VIDEO And Lessons Learned Are On Page 2