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Two Essential Kits Most Preppers Overlook

Two Kits That Are Essential

You then put it all that gear, etc. into one “grab and go” bag or pack … and call it the “relevant-name” kit. You now have a single source way (a kit) to help with your security, shelter, water, and food survival needs.

Here are two additional kits many preppers don’t consider: the patrol/guard duty kit and the foraging kit. Read the info below to see if these are relevant to your situation.

And if you want additional insights and details, check out the source link at the end of this post. Learn, Practice, and Share.

The Patrol / Guard Duty Kit

This kit is a light weight kit that will allow you to be extremely mobile, yet well-armed when patrolling your property line, or while stationed at an LP/OP (listening post / observation post).

This is also the kit that you would “grab and go with” when you know that a threat is approaching …

This kit will include water, binoculars, flashlight, night-vision if you can afford it (I can’t) Quikclot, high energy food, cable ties or zip ties in case you have to secure a prisoner, folding lock-back knife, two way radio to communicate with others in your group, rifle and 4+ extra magazines, handgun and 2 extra magazines.

The carrier that I use for this pack is the “US PeaceKeeper Rapid Deployment Pack” …

The Foraging Kit

… The foraging kit is essentially the parameter patrol / guard duty kit, with a few extra tools specific to the task of foraging.  You’ll need a medium-sized backpack to accommodate the extra items, needed … just about any pack will work …

In addition to the items listed for the parameter patrol / guard duty kit you’ll need to add enough food to last two or three days and an extra canteen of water, also add water purification tablets, you could include a water filter instead, but the tablets take up less room and weight in the kit.

Add a couple of large outdoor trash bags, bolt cutters, a pick-gun for picking locks (nice but not essential), Crowbar, Claw-hammer, quality multi-tool and gloves to protect your hands …

Source: M.D. Creekmore is a full-time survival author, blog writer, emergency preparedness consultant and editor of The Survivalist Blog. He’s one of the most qualified and respected experts in the survival realm.

Images: Gerd Altmann & Brigitte Werner

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