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[Video Review] Interflon Fin Super Gun Lubricant

 “I Hate Cleaning My Firearms”

Can cleaning your firearms be an enjoyable and pleasurable experience? JJ Johnson of Reality Survival believes it can be.

After 19 years of cleaning both military and personal firearms, he’s found a lubricant (that’s been around for 35 years) that doesn’t smell, require gloves, or leave oily fingerprints on his guns.

firearm cleaner

Interflon Fin Super Gun Lubricant

He starts with Interflon Aerosol Metal Clean, then lubricates with their Fin Super (Aerosol). The video review is about the Fin Super. It’s marketed as a:

high performance penetrating dry-film lubricant that goes on wet, cleanses, displaces moisture, breaks down deposits and penetrates even into the most inaccessible areas.

More Information And The VIDEO Demo On PAGE 2

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