Warning Notice LIFESAVER Water Filter – Virus Removal


As part of LIFESAVER Systems Ltd (“LIFESAVER”) product monitoring and accreditation systems, LIFESAVER has received independent laboratory test results based on NSF Protocol 231 in relation to Bacteria, Cyst and Virus removal from drinking water on the LIFESAVER Water Filter Bottle 6000uf (“the 6000uf Bottle”)

Whilst the 6000uf Bottle passed the bacteria and cyst removal testing it did not pass the virus removal testing.

NSF Protocol 231 is based on EPA guidelines of 99.99% virus removal, the virus testing returned virus removal results of between 99.9% and 99.995%. Previous test data show virus removal of 99.999%.

Whilst the difference in percentage terms between the NSF protocol 231 guidelines and the test data appears to be very small, 99.9% represents a significant decrease in the effectiveness of the virus removal properties.

In light of this information, LIFESAVER recommends that the use of the 6000uf Bottle should be immediately discontinued.

This version of the 6000uf Bottle was only launched in October 2014 and has full traceability via the unique registration label on the filter.

Please note that LIFESAVER is currently looking into the practicality of a ‘filter replacement’ programme and will contact you as and when we have more information in this regard.


LIFESAVER’s technical team is currently in the process of investigating other LIFESAVER water filters for compliance. On the information currently available LIFESAVER estimates that this process will take approximately 2-3 weeks.

As a precaution and as a matter of prudence LIFESAVER has taken the decision to immediately cease dispatch of all LIFESAVER water filters to customers until this investigation process is complete.

Whilst LIFESAVER is carrying out this further testing on its other water filters, LIFESAVER recommends that users refrain from using LIFESAVER water filters particularly in areas where virus infection is suspected, until notified otherwise by LIFESAVER.

LIFESAVER advises all distributors to quarantine existing stock and pass on this warning notice to customers and users wherever possible.

LIFESAVER can assure you that it is working very hard to resolve matters as quickly as possible and we will keep you updated via further communications and our website www.lifesaversystems.com.

Guy Marshlain
Sales Director
28th October 2015

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